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I am a photographer based in San Luis Obispo, California and the San Francisco Bay Area. I studied photography at Santa Rosa Junior College and Cuesta College starting in 2013, and started shooting weddings and engagements professionally in 2014.

I grew up in Santa Rosa, California, and moved to San Luis Obispo to study architecture. During a break from my studies, I began to fall in love with photography, and decided to pursue that dream.

Rock climbing, hiking, skiing, movies, traveling, and exploring are among my many interests. I love being surrounded by nature, as I find so much inspiration in sharing God's awesome creation with the world. My camera is my constant companion, ready to go whenever I find something worth capturing.

I am a total romantic at heart. I write the occasional cliché love poem, I enjoy good love stories, and I dream of my own wedding. I always tear up at weddings; I'm moved by the beauty I see in the deep, intimate love shared between a man and a woman. Being able to capture and share that is what has driven me to photograph engagements and weddings.

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